Khalid Khawaja and his pursuit of the missing persons case

here’s a comment Khalid Khawaja left on my blog a few months ago:

9 Khalid Khawaja on February 23, 2010 said:

The problem is that why after all you you consider being a follower of Islam is a negative point, I have been very open and I submit completely to Islamic teachings and I consider the human rights have been defined by Islam and certainly my reference to the human rights is the teachings of Quran and Sunnah.

wHAT DO YOU EXPECT ME TO SAY REGARDING THE SUPREME COURT DECIDION. I hardly feel that our courts can give any justice to teh common man these are there for teh privilaged people, as still the there is always some hope that that you may get some good out of these courts because there is hardly any other option we go to the courts.
even when teh court took up the case of teh missing peopel it was only due to teh media presuure we could create otherwise even this much would not have been done. The powerfl people the jugges the generals beaurocrates and teh polititions all of tehm just play their own power game in teh name of people.
If we can imlement teh Allah’s orders taht is the only way teh human rights of the people can be safe guarded.

He was clearly upset about the judiciary’s unwillingness to pursue the missing person’s case. Khawaja was kidnapped around the time that Amina Masood Janjua wrote a letter to The News, publicly backing down from a position of hostility to the intelligence agencies. Now he’s been killed. Is it possible that he’s been killed in order to prevent him from asking uncomfortable questions about the missing persons?

Another possibility is that he’s been killed as part of the build-up to an anti militant operation in South Punjab. To me that’s not so plausible, because it’s not like “Asian Tigers” exactly screams “Punjab”. If his killers wanted to point fingers at Punjab then why not simply – Lashkar-e-Jhangvi.

Finally, it’s interesting that it was Hamid Gul who was apparently responsible for sending Khawaja into Waziristan. Recently, Hamid Gul has been getting a lot of airtime on the various talk shows about the US endgame in Afghanistan and the Benazir Bhutto murder case. Hamid Gul has moved much closer into the mainstream since Kayani has been COAS whereas Khalid Khawaja, with his fixation on the missing persons issue, did not make that transition. Sooner or later, he would have had to have been dealt with.

If it is true that Khawaja’s been killed off because he was annoying the establishment too much, then it’s sad in a way. One of the legitimate grievances that critics of Musharraf’s regime had was the issue of the mysteriously disappeared. No one, whether al-Qaeda or a Baloch nationalist, deserves to be hauled up by the agencies. Whatever Khawaja’s motivations, he was one of the people who highlighted that issue and judging by the public silence on the matter, it seems like his cause has died with him.

2 responses to “Khalid Khawaja and his pursuit of the missing persons case

  1. Personally, I am sorry to learn about Mr Khalid Khwaja’s death. Despite our political and ideological differences with him, we are against all forms of violence against every one.

    On 21 March 2010, only a few days before his capture by the Punjabi Taliban (Asian Tigers), Mr Khwaja left a note on the LUBP stating:

    “I never gave an interview to Samma news saying all this, my photo which is pasted is of in interview with CBS 60 Minutes. I never mentioned the figure of 500 million anywhere, and pl. do not misquote me in your political games.
    Khalid Khawaja”

    Here is how I responded to his comment on 22 March 2010:

    “@Khalid Khawaja Khawaja sahib, welcome to LUBP. We are sorry to learn that Samaa TV has misquoted you. You are welcome to write a rebuttal, which we will be very pleased to post on LUBP.”


    Rabia, I think you are right. Perhaps Khwaja was creating too much annoyance for the establishment.

  2. The involvement of establishment in this saga of doing away with Khalid Khawaja is very likely. How does it sound when we learn that within a matter of few days, a ghost organization was created out of nowhere, suddenly coming into the mainstream. Then the star child of military establishment, Mr. Hamid Gul, ‘suggested’ him to go and meet someone in the danger zone where, mysteriously, he is abducted and shot dead a few days later. It reeks of establishment’s involvement for there seems absolutely no motive for any one else to kill Mr. Khalid Khwaja. That clearly sends out a message that anyone who tries to put up a resistance to the extra-judicial abductions and murders of military and intelligence agencies will be killed in this land of pure.

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