Why is the media silent about these people?

Read Who is Qari Saifullah Akhtar by Yousuf Nazar. Even if you don’t agree with Mr. Nazar’s conclusions, ask yourself… why does the media never investigate and join the dots about these militants and why they are caught, released, involved in high profile terror attacks, caught, acquitted, re-caught, released and acquitted ad infinitum.

I left a comment on that blog post which I’ll just re-paste here on the more recent version of Qari Saifullah Akhtar – Dr. Usman. Why isn’t the media asking questions about the holes in the case of Dr. Usman?:

the case of Dr. Usman (who was recently acquitted for the Marriott bombing case) is very similar.

Dr. Usman was first apprehended by the FIA after the Marriott bombing. Later, while the investigation was still ongoing, he was mysteriously let go. He was later apprehended as the only survivor of the GHQ attack in late 2009 when the claim was made that he had been involved in the Surgeon general attack in February 2008, the Sri Lankan team attack. But it was never clarified whether this was the same Dr. Usman, although it seems certain that this is so since they are both described as having a medical background.

Strangely, he was never put on trial for the GHQ attack. Instead, in late 2009, there was a small news report that General Kayani had received and read a report submitted by an inquiry committee within the army on the GHQ attack, with information mainly supplied by… Dr. Usman.

Now suddenly we hear that the ATC under judge Malik Akram Awan has acquitted Dr. Usman and two other suspects in the Marriott case due to lack of evidence. A few days later, the militants accused in the attack on the Surgeon General in february 2008 (which Dr. Usman was said to have been involved in) are also all acquitted by the same judge, again due to lack of evidence.

It’s never clarified to the public that this is the same Dr. Usman who has engineered all these attacks and if so, why he is not being put on trial for the GHQ attack despite their being loads of evidence and witnesses of his involvement in that attack!


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