Hey, we all work for the CIA!

The game of “You’re a CIA agent, no you’re a CIA agent” continues apace. The latest iteration is that Hamid Mir – who has spent the last few weeks posthumously declaring Khalid Khawaja an agent of the CIA/RAW and the Qadiani lobby has now been punked by some facebook fan page for the ISI. Apparently the conclusion reached by these fans of the ISI is (what else) that Hamid Mir is himself a CIA / RAW agent. But if one listens to the intercepted audio tape that they’ve provided, Hamid Mir (talking to some militant) is himself calling Khalid Khawaja a RAW/Qadiani agent. The fact that that supposedly shows that he is the CIA agent is proof of the twisted nature of this entire mess.

As a commenter on this blog has observed before, this is basically a turf war with each side attempting to defame the other by accusing it of working for the CIA. Listening to Hamid Mir’s audiotape, one can conclude that Hamid Mir is a horrible person with some truly repulsive views (even more repulsive than his media personality!). But the question is, why did the fans of the ISI release this audio tape? Is the ISI upset about Khalid Khawaja’s death and genuinely believes that Hamid Mir ordered it? Or is the ISI scapegoating Hamid Mir? Who on earth knows. One interesting thing is that Hamid Mir did a show on 5th May on the issue of the missing persons. On May 5 some dude going by Munir Solangi who always leaves supportive comments about Hamid Mir on various blogs (including this one) whenever he’s mentioned, said about this show (on pkpolitics.com):

Munir Solangi said:
Hamid Mir will no more be tolerated.

Dear friends,please remember my words today.Establishment will no more tolerate Hamid Mir after this show.You will see that Hamid Mir will be killed in a road accident,or ISI or Rehman Malik will make some false case against him.His column today on daily Jang website clearly indicating that he is under threat.Establishment used Zaid Hamid against Hamid Mir last year and now they will use some other method.At least they will force Geo TV again to off air Hamid Mir.

The list of Hamid Mir’s crime against establishment is mounting.He is not ready to forget missing persons like other anchors,he exposed a serving Army officer Major General Nadeem Ejaz recently who was DG MI when Musharraf was in power.Hamid Mir exposed the black water activities in Islamabad and US Ambassador wrote a letter against him.I can only pray for him.I am fearing we will lose him soon.

And now we have the ISI releasing this incriminating audiotape of Hamid Mir.
So I conclude with the simple question: What the #### is going on?

Also, let’s not forget that Colonel Imam and Asad Qureshi are still in custody of the “Asian Tigers”.

There is now a “Hamid Mir Exposed” webpage similar to the Zaid Hamid Exposition blog that was up for a couple of months a while ago to highlight Zaid Hamid’s ties with Yousuf Ali.


5 responses to “Hey, we all work for the CIA!

  1. Mr. Tambourine Man

    Spot on Rabia. Col. Imam it seems was not on good terms with Hamid Mir too. check this out http://www.thenews.com.pk/daily_detail.asp?id=201054

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  3. Tilsim

    I was against Musharraf’s ban but I switched off Capital Talk and reading anything produced by the Jang Group a long time back. I found them manipulative, alarmist and contributing to the sense of chaos in the country. I also feel that they have a very right wing agenda although they are clever in how they present it. I hope that through this episode the fans of Hamid Mir will pause and rethink.

  4. Sadia Hussain

    Sigh! The CIA blame game is never ending, with the amount of person being labeled as CIA agents I think the agency should issue a disclaimer “Beware of imposters”. The conspiracy theorist are so innovative that they refuse to admit the internal chaos that Pakistan is going through and would rather stay in denial for it is far more comforting then to come to terms with the harsh realities.

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