It’s structural, stupid

Back in 1998, the then DG FIA was over-enthusiastically investigating the Prime Minister for corruption. A relic of the previous regime, he had assiduously compiled a 200 page report based on a 5 year long investigation into the corruption of the Prime Minister and his cronies and had handed over his report to the President when he was accused of misconduct and corruption and summarily dismissed from his position.

Today, the corruption charges on him as well as those brought up by him on the then Prime Minister are before us.

The question is, what do we do with these charges?

Do we start with a clean slate?

Do we put them all in jail?

Do we only put those in jail who are out of favour with the courts?

Do we ignore the larger issue and focus on each charge on a case by case basis.

Do we embarrass ourselves by supporting the use of the Presidential Pardon in a way that it’s clearly not meant to be used?

Should we arrange an arbitration session between all the stakeholders in each sordid episode – in this case, the Sharifs, Rehman Malik, Ishaq Dar, Zardari and have them come to some mutually acceptable agreement so that our entire society wouldn’t have to be held hostage to their petty political vendettas over 12 years later?

Do we focus on checks and balances that exist within the parliamentary system such as the public accounts committee, headed by the leader of the opposition and the National Accountability and the new accountability law which includes military and judicial corruption.


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