same old story

The civilians do nothing, and at the last minute point fingers at their predecessors. In the meantime, they alienate themselves from their constituents by making obnoxious statements.

The army moves in, without any civilian supervision whatsoever. The army then starts bragging about the work it’s doing, not being above scoring political points over the issue ( “he [General Kayani] said Pakistan Army is standing behind the people of Hunza in this difficult time.”) even claiming that “Pakistan’s Army is “the only institution equipped to deal with such crises”. (Talat Masood even threatened that the FWO’s work on the spillway may threaten Pakistan’s ability to fight the war against the Taliban).

A lack of civilian oversight; the complete lack of interest displayed by the federal and local government in enlisting expert help; and above all the (contrary to popular opinion) complete incompetence of the military results in a half-baked job done by the FWO (of the spillway constructed by the FWO, David Petley, a scientist who has been following this issue since early this year says: “It pains me to say this, but I simply cannot see how this will resist the peak flow in the Hunza River”). And now there is most likely an unavoiable disaster just waiting to happen.


One response to “same old story

  1. humza ikram

    we all know who he is and how much effort he made to become part of Benazir Bhutto camp . that a bollywood movie in itself . 😀
    to be fair with him i think he has done well as ambassador in US .he is a damn good speaker , i wish someone hired him to counter zaid hamid monster .

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