This is how you do it

(Both quotes from this rather fascinating page):

A regressive and openly pro-rightwing legislation, ordinance, court order or amendment is passed.

The “conservative” press says:

The Pakistan Times in its leading article stated:

“Despite this (Second Amendment) quite clear and unambiguous declaration, however, the Qadiani and Lahore groups felt free to act and behave like other Muslims, even announcing their faith to be the (only) really true one, inside the country and abroad. It amounted to misrepresentation of Islam. It sought to undermine the unity of the Muslims and created confusion about the fundamental tenets of Islam. It was neat and proper, therefore to remove the anomaly and take the Second Constitutional Amenment to its logical conclusion. It was also urgently needed to ensure public peace and tranquility.. Those foreign elements who choose to depict these law born of narrow mindedness or bigotry should be properly briefed about the historical background of the whole problem and the rationale of their promulgation in an ideological state. It is important to ensure that vested interests do not succeed in tarnishing our image as a broad minded and progressive people.” (Pakistan Times, Rawalpindi 29 April 1984)

The “liberal press” says:

The Daily Muslim under the caption of Positive Step writes:

“The promulgation of the Presidential Ordinance placing curbs on the activities of the Qadainis is a timely action which should set at rest the controversy surrounding this issue in recent months. Passions had been exited and public opinion mobilized. That this Ordinance was necessitated a full decade after the 1974 Constitutional Amendment which declared the Qadianis to be non-Muslims through a vote of the popularly elected National Assembly clearly underlines the lacuna and the dichotomies on an issue which agitates the people’s minds. It would have been in the fitness of things if the ambiguities had been cleared once and for all so as not to give an opportunity for a repetition of violence or provide an opportunity to those vested interests who may use this as an excuse for a witchhunt.” The Muslim, Islamabad 29 April 1984)

Same sentiment, slightly different audience.


3 responses to “This is how you do it

  1. sparklingway

    Unfortunately, the liberal press is dead as far as the general public is concerned, I mean that the urdu press is extremely conservative and relies on third grade journalism to fuel public sentiments every now and then. The perfefct example I can remember being the fact that Nawa e Waqt published for 3 yrs a column in their sunday magazine about qadianis where a guy used to spew hatred and incite violence against them. He would not use any references (who needs them?) and claim that they marry their daughters, eat poo and other BS that demanded that the guy be sent to prison for his lifetime.

    The Urdu press caters to the conservative crowd and that is to stay unless and until we spread the message of tolerance.

    Dawn going Urdu is a I feel a good step for a channel that promotes social harmony and a liberal message can reach a far bigger audience in Urdu.

  2. Rabia

    sad but true. they just held a khatam-e-nabuwat conference inside badshahi mosque last summer, if i recall correctly! (that too, attended by the federal minister of religious affairs)

  3. sparklingway

    Speaking of Badshahi Masjid, a former DG NAB(Punjab), a then serving “honourable” general arranged his daughter’s wedding Badshahi Mosque. The old and beautiful floor of the Badshahi Mosque was raped to hammer nails for the tents and the general sb had his daughter married in all “saadgi”. Talk of honesty and uprightness.

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