Hillary Clinton Vs. PJ Crowley

Good for you Ms. Clinton for speaking out back in October against the anti-blasphemy laws in disguise being pushed by the repulsive OIC. You are truly a giant among pygmies and morons.

In opening remarks for the release of the State Department’s Annual Report on International Religious Freedom, Clinton said that while some claim so-called defamation of religions policies would help protect freedom of religion, she “strongly disagree[s].”

“The United States will always seek to counter negative stereotypes of individuals based on their religion and will stand against discrimination and persecution,” Clinton stated. “But an individual’s ability to practice his or her religion has no bearing on others’ freedom of speech.”

So why didn’t this US State department spokesman PJ Crowley get the memo when he decided to weigh in in favour on the Pakistani Facebook ban?

WASHINGTON: The United States has strongly supported Pakistan’s move to ban certain internet sites, saying the Pakistani government had the right to protect its public from offensive images and speech.

At a briefing at the State Department, Assistant Secretary of State Philip J. Crowley also noted that images on a Facebook page were deeply offensive to Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

The United States, he said, was against any “deliberate attempt to offend Muslims” and respected their right to practise their faith as they willed.

Defending the Pakistani action against offensive sites, Mr Crowley also advised Islamabad to find a balance between freedoms of religion and expression.

Awww isn’t that sweet! Pakistan is searching for a balance between freedom of religion and expression (where’s the balance? There IS NO FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION) and Mr. Crowley sends some teddy bears and supportive balloons!

Is this balanced enough for PJ Crowley, I wonder?. Will all the assholes like him and others who “sensitively” supported the facebook ban now speak out against PPP’s Information Secretary Fauzia Wahab being accused of blasphemy by a bunch of bloodthirsty thugs?

LAHORE: The Justice Lawyers Group on Tuesday filed a petition against an SHO for not registering an FIR against Information Secretary Fauzia Wahab.

The convener of the lawyers group, Sohail Baig Noori accused Wahab of blasphemy by indulging in ‘loose talk’ culminating into a defamatory statement about Hazrat Omar. He alleged that Fauzia Wahab compared President Asif Ali Zardari to the caliph.

The group also accused Wahab of comparing the Pakistan Constitution to the Holy Quran which the lawyers said is blasphemous.

The Court ordered a notification to the SSP investigation to inquire into the incident before any such FIR is registered.

If the case is registered and goes to court, the maximum penalty, if convicted, for the crime is life imprisonment and the minimum is three years imprisonment.


3 responses to “Hillary Clinton Vs. PJ Crowley

  1. dajjal

    Hillary is one of the AssWholes, I would not trust her any farther than I trust her husband. Her statements about free speech are not consistent with recent State Department actions, particularly in the UNHRC.

  2. kabulipulao

    **(where’s the balance? There IS NO FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION) **

    With all due respect to your hysterical rants, there IS some freedom of expression in Pakistan. Even it is not to the extent that we all wish. Ranting that there is “NO” freedom of expression is more of a commentary on your disconnect with Pakistan than anything based on fact. There are more than 20 channels and countless newspapers and other media in Pakistan – covering the full range from ultra-liberal to ultra-fascist. There is also room for your kind of rants.

    How can one assert that there is “no” freedom of expression in Pakistan? We went against the army and the mullahs to elect a murderous thief to the highest office in Pakistan – the same murderous thief whose cause you appear to be supporting.

    So stop with these childish hysterical rants and employ responsible and rational articulation of whatever it is that is on your mind.

  3. Rabia

    thanks for the advice mate. you sound a bit hysterical yourself but that’s par for the course for you PTI types.

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