quid pro quo?

Here’s an interesting and very detailed report about the FIA’s investigation into Benazir Bhutto’s murder. It concludes that Baitullah Mehsud was ultimately responsible for BB’s death. Most PPP supporters would consider this conclusion a huge cop-out since it basically validates the Musharraf government’s initial pronouncement on her death.

Cyril Almeida’s reports on the Supreme Court proceedings in the NRO case suggest that the judiciary has backed down somewhat spectacularly on its original confrontational stance on writing to the Swiss authorities. Is it possible that there has been a quid pro quo between the government and the establishment and the establishment’s end of the bargain is exerting pressure on the judiciary to back down from its confrontational stance on the NRO?

I would say it’s too early to tell but it certainly looks likely. If that’s the case then the government should be very, very careful that it doesn’t concede too much in exchange for too little.


4 responses to “quid pro quo?

  1. Rabia

    i did read that! yousufnazar.com also has a good article on qari saifullah akhtar. I guess he’s another dr. usman type guy.

  2. sparklingway

    And the Maj Gen Zaheer ul Islam Abbasi was caught in trying to overthrow the 2nd BB govt. in an “Islamic coup”. He was as the YN article says released days after Oct. 12, 1999. Today he roams free doing tableegh with jihadi mentor Lt Gen Javed Nasir.
    And that attack on the Indian post wasn’t an ordinary one. 1 Col, 2 Majs and 14 soldiers lost their lives in accomplishing one hate-mongering islamo-fascist’s mission.


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