Team Pakistan at the Hay Festival

Obviously I am not the literary type because I really had no idea what the Hay Festival is so I had to check Wikipedia. Turns out it’s some stuck up British literary festival that Bill Clinton called “The Woodstock of the Mind”. If by Woodstock of the Mind that means it’s a platform for aging baby boomers to embarrass themselves by holding forth on their idiotic political views then I guess Musharraf – the author of that great literary masterpiece “In the Line of Fire” – was the perfect person to invite to speak at it.

Referring to Pakistan’s relations with India, he recalled being told in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, of a proverb which said that when two elephants fight the grass gets trampled. “I shudder to think if two elephants start making love the grass gets more trampled,” he said.

What does this even mean? Do we even want to know?!

Our second represenative to the woodstock of the mind demonstrates that baby boomers do not hold a monopoly on idiocy. Fatima Bhutto’s speech today showed that despite years of supposedly working as a “journalist” in Pakistan she still lacks an even basic understanding of Pakistan’s system of government:

She said that there is no difference between the ‘democratic’ regime of Asif Ali Zardari – who, like the dictator Pervaz Musharraf, disdained national elections and was chosen by his own Parliament

I mean how difficult is it for Fatima Bhutto to read a Wikipedia page about her country once in a while. It’s helpful and stops you from making an ass of yourself in public.


5 responses to “Team Pakistan at the Hay Festival

  1. sparklingway

    Altaf Gauhar (despite his acts a brilliant and honest man) ghost writes “Friends, not Masters” for Filed Marshal Ayub Khan while he is in office becoming on of the first modern day leaders to publish memoirs or any literary work while in office.

    40 years later, another “enlightened” and “modern” dictator supposedly pens down a memoir. This time it’s ghost written by the son of the earlier ghost writer, Humayun Gauhar. And then Musharraf goes on a book tour in the US on tax payer money. He becomes the only head of state to appear on The Daily Show and appears on a dozen shows to promote his book as part of the tour, all on tax payer money.

    I did not pay so that Musharraf could get ghost wriiten a complete fabrication where he lays the blame on Nawaz for Kargil (the military’s guardian image stance being had Nawaz not backed down they would have supposedly won the war regardless of the fact that frontline supplies had been ceased for three weeks and soldiers fought empty stomach).

    What douches have we had, only to be portrayed as the best that ever happened to us.

  2. Rabia

    so true. Basically western media reporting on Pakistan is with a few exceptions like reading the political reflections of a defence/clifton aunty.

  3. takhalus

    the elephant quote is taken from a leader of the G-77 or NAM..commenting about the dangers of getting allied to either camp during the cold war..

  4. Fatima Bhutto is our Sarah Palin:

    1. Attractive
    2. People who only pay attention to her because “she’s different”
    3. Quite stupid
    4. Not concerned with actual facts
    5. Supported by ill-informed and simplistic people

  5. takhalus

    methinks that’s ahsans way of saying he thinks FB is a babe and he likes hockey moms

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