adroit diplomats

This is really the limit. Zafar Hilaly, in his Daily Times Column doing the usual “politicians are destroying the foreign service, please help us army!”

The test of good diplomacy often lies in the ease and success with which an ambassador is able to transact a whole range of practical and everyday matters between states. He should provide the dispassionate advice and judgement essential for reaching the right policy decision. His advice can make an enormous difference whether a negotiation ends well or not.

One is privy to the many hurdles that could have delayed the US-China reconciliation, but which were smoothed over by adroit diplomacy of a former Pakistani ambassador and an erstwhile secretary of state.

At least have the decency to admit the adroit Pakistani ambassador was your own father, Agha Hilaly! I don’t know why (Zafar Hilaly generally comes across as a harmless if rather confused individual) but I found this particular nepotistic display rather sickening particularly in a column about the perils of ad hocism and favouritism in diplomatic appointments.

Anyway, as many predicted, the tenure of Zardari’s pick to the UN ambassadorship Abdullah Hussain Haroon seems to be over. Abdullah Hussain Haroon replaced the vile girlfriend-beater Munir Akram to the tune of much breast beating and “we will lose Kashmir” by the likes of Ejaz Haider.

For some reason there seems to be a universal consensus that the best man for Pakistani diplomatic appointments is a tough, girlfriend-beating beast who proudly advocates an international blasphemy law, strongly protests cartoons, rejects any compromise on Kashmir and generally projects the Pakistani establishment’s interests in the most obnoxious off-putting way possible. He must also be willing to comment negatively on a number of domestic political issues if necessary. Maybe once we have publicly reconciled with the Taliban again we can consider just cutting out the foreign service and appointing Hakeemullah Mehsud to the permanent ambassadorship at the UN. After all, he will take a tough stance on Kashmir, support the OIC, give a befitting response to any potential cartoonists, hindus and zionists and probably beat his wife as well!


3 responses to “adroit diplomats

  1. sparklingway

    Pg 6 onwards, read the names of Ambassadors nominated by President Zardari.

    He also has to send non career ambassadors, who in some cases can be useful; Shahid Malik, Haqqani and Hussain Haroon being the best example right now. But as usual, out of the 13 non career ambassadors 6 are former military men. For military men are useless diplomats being uneducated, unimaginative and inherently undiplomatic, they are sent to non-important and useless places mostly.

    The newly sent (not the extended ones) former military men are:-

    1. Salahuddin Satti sent to Bander Seri Bagewan. The fame of throwing Nawaz Sharif under 111 Brigade has been brought to Brunei now.

    2. Asif Duraiz Akhtar (of corruption and drinking partner of Mush fame) sent to Abuja.

    3. M. Siddique sent to Mauritius. Yet again an unqualified khaki sent to a non-entity to fulfill GHQ’s demand.

    The highly objectionable 10% reserved seats for armed forces in the CSP aside, the high population of military men occupying posts for which FSP officers work their lives is highly objectionable. Zardari should have tried better to object to GHQ’s nomination.

    Also, the one in Beirut, Nawabzada Aminullah Khan Raisani has only brought shame to us with his corruption.

  2. Rabia

    wow… I didn’t realize it was that bad. thanks for the document.

  3. humza ikram

    zafar hillay once tried his best to force BB to nominate him senate candidate ; i’m wondering whether he didn’t knew then he had to work with these mediocre politician . or he had plans to invest his time and effort to reorganize PPP .

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