worst politicians ever

Nabeel Gabol and Zulfiqar Mirza are two of the most useless and despicable politicians in Pakistan. I really pity the people of Lyari.


What is worse, there are indications that the PPP leaders are trying to broker peace between the two gangs, and consequently those responsible for the killings are expected to escape punishment. Hence, the pattern of violence will go on repeating itself.

PPP MNA from Lyari, Sardar Nabil Gabol said, “we will definitely lend support if talks between the groups bring peace to the people of Lyari, but the problem is that one of the groups is not ready to move on these lines, which creates a law and order situation most of the time.”

This shows that the political leadership is not treating these groups’ murderous behaviour as a cognizable offence, but some sort of political or social dispute which can, and should, be resolved through negotiations. No wonder, violence keeps erupting every now and then. The party needs to take a serious view of the situation, and treat the problem for what it is: criminal activity. Those involved must be brought to justice.

Equally important, all political parties and groups in Karachi must stop patronising criminal elements for the advancement of their own respective political agendas. In the present instance, the PPP leaders and other local influentials need to refrain from taking sides.


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