A reminder about the strange case of Faisal Alvi

It’s interesting to note that the Major Haroon charged (and now acquitted) with the murder of Maj Gen Faisal Alvi is also mentioned in the Headley complaint and also that the police investigation of Major Haroon matches the FBI’s investigation in the same matter

Police in his investigation report had alleged that Ilyas Kashmiri, an activist of a banned religious outfit, planned and financed the killing that was executed by Major (retired) Haroon Ashiq who had links with Lashker-i-Taiba with the help of two other men.

From the FBI complaint, here’s an email Headley wrote shortly following Maj Gen Faisal Alvi’s death:

Planning for MMP. send me info about it on other mail I gave starting with [the first four letters of one of Headley’s email accounts] if you don’t have it i will mail you from it. . . . How is your friend Harry. Did you check the lady naipaul link.3 . . .
Ok take care

Here’s the FBI agent’s explanatory note regarding this email:

Lady Naipaul is a Pakistani journalist and the wife of the late Lord V. S. Naipaul, a Nobel prize winning author. Lady Naipaul also is the sister of Amir Faisal Alvi, the former Pakistani General killed in November 2008, allegedly by a group that included Major Haroon. Although Pakistani press reports reflect that Haroon was arrested by Pakistani police on or about February 24, 2009 in connection with General Alvi’s murder, it is noteworthy that this email reference to Individual A’s “friend Harry” in the context of “the Lady Naipaul link” occurred in late December 2008, shortly after General Alvi’s murder and well before public reports of Haroon’s involvement in the murder, and police action against Haroon. I understand “Harry” to be a reference to Haroon.

If you will recall, Faisal Alvi was killed shortly after sending a letter to General Kayani threatening to expose a matter involving some senior officials of the Pakistani army, widely believed to have been their ties with the Taliban. (according to a report by Cary Schofield following his death).

Alavi believed he had been forced out because he was openly critical of deals that senior generals had done with the Taliban. He disparaged them for their failure to fight the war on terror wholeheartedly and for allowing Taliban forces based in Pakistan to operate with impunity against British and other Nato troops across the border in Afghanistan.

So to recap – General Alvi writes to General Kayani threatening to expose the involvement of top military officials with the Taliban. He’s murdered. Now either one can conclude that General Alvi’s letter to General Kayani was intercepted or that General Kayani himself revealed the contents of Faisal Alvi’s letter to his killers or possibly ordered the killing himself. Shortly after that, David Headley and his Lashkar contact discuss the matter over email referring to Major Haroon Ashiq who will almost a year later be arrested for the murder of Faisal Alvi. Then on June 13, Major Haroon and another co-accused are acquitted from the murder by Rawalpindi Anti-Terrorism Court II.


14 responses to “A reminder about the strange case of Faisal Alvi

  1. nadira naipaul

    My brother the late Maj- General Faisal Alavi was an upright true soldier with an idea of honour. His idea of honour and his great love for his troops led him to his death. My brother was about to blow the whistle on corrupt army Generals who were in cahoots with the Taliban and other terror organisations.They were on the pay-roll of these organisations. He had evidence and he also said that he had witnesses who were prepared to come forward. My brother’s execution was a message to ALL those who were prepared to help him.
    My brother also realised that there were major flaws in the operations in Waziristan and that his men were sitting ducks.
    He went to General Kiyani because he believed in the ARMY and he did not wish to destroy that institution.
    How his murderers have walked free is beyond belief. They had been promised freedom by the real murderers.
    Is there justice in Pakistan? And what war are the Americans and the British fighting knowing that the Taliban have such a long arm?
    Faisal, you were too straight and too naive. Why would Kiyani defy the others?
    But your blood is on their hands and there will be justice. The SSG still pray for you and I have met strangers who have come up to me and said that you will get justice and that you WERE a great soldier.
    Let us leave it here.

  2. Rabia

    I hope there is some justice for your brother too. For that there need to be people in the press keeping track of all these developments and forming logical arguments around them which doesn’t seem to be happening.

  3. Sultan Geelani

    I write as a ‘devotee’ of Iqbal’s thought. The current crisis in Pakistan is a crisis of the Muslim World, brought to boiling point by the Neocon factor in the American politics, and their criminal shenanigans in Iraq and Afghanistan, which is now working its way through a crisis of conscience among the patriotic officer corps of the Pak Army. I salute the Officers, who, in their different ways, take action to protect Pakistan’s interests.

    As a modernist in accordance with Iqbal, and as one subscribing to Sufism, I am all for co-operation with the West, but of the win-win kind. But the foisting on us through AIPAk’s influence on USA, a criminal gang of politicians in the name of democracy, through which contemptible chaps like Asif zardari and that ‘Daughter of the Beast’ with a her crew of traitors in the right places, were inflicted on Pakistan the policies of USA just cannot command respect. Quite the reverse!! If Gen Alvi was treading the path where devils should fear to tread, then despite regretting his murder I cannot, without knowing true evidence, condemn those who killed him.

    Sultan Geelani

  4. Rabia

    So you’re saying that in accordance with your stance as a “devotee” of Allama Iqbal you support the Army acting like a mafia and taking out one of its own that knows too much through one of its subsidiary jihadist organizations?

  5. Sultan Geelani

    It is the political mafia and gangsters in this country who run sugar rackets, degree forgeries, bank loan write offs, send gundas to attack Supreme Court judges etc., etc., etc., And there is conclusive evidence that the Daughter of the Beast used the Zionist clout, AIPAK, their biggest gun Mark Siegal and the rest in USA, to get back into the highest protocol status in Pakistan with her crew of jokers.

    No doubt Ayesha Siddiqa’s book ‘Military Inc’ blows the gaff on some pretty objectionable shenanigans by Pak Army. But I would certainly see the army in places that these contemptible pimp like politicians have occupied. ARMY CAN PLAY THE RETURN OF THE PRODIGAL SON, THE ILLITRATE, CONTEMPTIBLE, LOWDOWN POLITICIANS ARE TOO LOATHSOME TO BE WORTH ANYTHING ACCEPT SUMMARY TRIALS FOR THEIR INTOLERABLE CRIMES!!!

    Sultan Geelani

  6. Shahid

    And that is called typical elitist urban upper middle class ummah-khilfa delusional I-hate-politics-and-I’m-apathetic venom spewing yammering

  7. takhalus

    the seeming collapse of all these cases is a very disturbing reflection of the state..the Army rarely forgives the targetting of one of its’ own unless that person was targetted with intent.

  8. Rabia

    @Shahid: the faisal alvi case always brings out the ugliest side of pakistani nationalism for some reason.

    that’s very true. I remember reading a description of how Saleem Shehzad of MQM had to take special permission from mush to come to khi for one day for his mother’s funeral. The army will never forget the Major Kaleem case. But the killers of Faisal Alvi are clearly protected.

  9. Farukh Sarwar

    Exposing the truth should be the motto of every one of us. I hope the case gets in the limelight and due action should be taken.

  10. IZ

    Too sad for words.

  11. Sultan Geelani

    None of the trouble in Mideast ans elsewhere would have happened if American CIA stopped playing their apparently pax Americana game, in actual interest of Israeli. Once American-forces-in-Israeli-interest have been booted out of Iraq and Afghanistan the American mothers of poor American G.Is would be relieved to see their sons return from an evil fight in Israeli AND latterly BRAHMANIC Bharat’s interest. Right now everything American interest is being sacrificed for the Zionist lobby in USA, which is hellbent on sacrificing every American soldier, every legitimate American interest, for Israeli interests in the Islamic world in particular and the rest of the world in general. It is the Neocons (read American jews and their nefarious accomplices) who have caused all the trouble.

    I do hasten to add that jews, as such, are not to blame. More than one jewish rabbi attended an anti zionist conference that was called by the Iranian president Ahmedinijad. Bravo the Rabbis…

    Sultan Geelani

  12. stuka

    Maj Gen Alvi was obviously an upper crust Pakistani and Gen Kiyani is a son of a ranker. I wonder what their personal equation was? Typically, I have seen barely concealed contempt between these two classes of officers even in the Indian Army and I imagine the contrasting worldviews create an even bigger gulf on the Pakistani side.

  13. Sultan Geelani

    Sultan Geelani on July 15, 2010 said:
    So long as real evidence about Alvi’s death is not avaialble we do not know (and would maybe NEVER KNOW) if a foreign intelligence got him killed to sow dissension in Pak Army; he was killed by an assasin hired by a jilted woman; or he was a killed by ISI just as the luckless British Defence Scientist David Kelly was killed by CIA in Britain because he made comments which made American aggression in Iraq look what it really was. To ventilate this matter so vigorously on paltry evidence appears to be designed, more likely, by the ISI-CIA combine to confuse the public.

    I bet this will not be published by this blog.

    Sultan Geelani

  14. Rabia

    Geelani sb you are free to say whatever you want. your comments are most illuminating!

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