The arrest of Farooq Leghari

PPP has played the “corruption charges are political victimization” card often enough in its history. And there’s been plenty of reasons to sympathize with this point of view. Given its own past rhetoric on this issue, then, one must say that the disappearance, arrest and corruption charges slapped on the HEC Chairman’s younger brother Farooq Leghari show the worst sort of hypocrisy on the part of the PPP. There’s simply no other way to spin it. It’s utter shamelessness and completely indefensible.

Supporters of this government have always claimed that despite its many mistakes and its bad governance it’s the only government in Pakistan’s history that has not taken any political prisoners and refrained from political victimization of its opponents. Well, the arrest of Farooq Leghari has clearly put that one argument to rest. Who is going to be able to defend you now, PPP and on what basis?


One response to “The arrest of Farooq Leghari

  1. takhalus

    misread that for a second..considering ex pres leghari is very unwell!

    Not defending the GoPs actions ..but I can imagine the pressure to stop the degree case from snowballing must be enormous. The PPP are no angels in there dealings with the media, just not as brazen as the PML-N has been in the past..(i believe zamir niazis book tells some horror stories of what ZAB was up to)

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