In case of Habib Jalib, he was hated by the Police and other security forces for his most active role in defending the rights of individuals whenever they are rounded up en masse during the search operations in Quetta localities.

The CCPO Quetta once disclosed that security forces will also resort to target killing if the target killing of others did not stop. Now he is claiming that police offered security to Habib Jalib who refused. Naturally, a populist leader involved in struggle for individual and collective Baloch rights will not take the policemen as guard. He was the most popular leader always leading protest processions, holding rallies, defending innocent people in courts of law, taking to task to the police and other security forces who arrested people in court of law and rubbed them fully.

Thus he was the most hated man by the police for his role. Once, the CCPO claimed that Habib Jalib is responsible for harbouring all the target killers in Quetta. “Whenever we make arrested of people (innocents) he comes to their rescue and seek their immediate release,” a top police officials told the newsmen in one of the recent press talks.

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  1. Shahid

    Extension-vaganza has assured us of one thing. Balochistan operations will continue mercilessly and the military’s projects in chamalang and recruiting 3000 locals in FC will have no effect unless they stop their targeted killings.

  2. Rabia

    shahid did you read cyril almeida’s last two articles on Balochistan? I thought they were interesting

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