Guess the party

“In the election manifesto approved by the Working Committee of the ____ Parliamentary Board, a detailed program was given according to which the ____ ministers would accept minimum salary and it would ensure that low-paid employees could meet their expenses within their lawful resources. Cottage industry including hand-loon would be encouraged. Beggary would be eliminated by converting the beggars into good and responsible citizens. Measures would be taken to increase the agricultural resources. Facilities would be provided to educate every child and researches would be encouraged. The program also included improvement of public health and judiciary, reformation of police department, elimination of briberty and modification in the Panchayat system”.


6 responses to “Guess the party

  1. Shahid

    Firstly, it’s the usual well-fix-it-all, yeh bhi karein gay woh bhi karein gay manifesto.

    I can guess that this is the PML-N. Might be wrong though.

    Off-topic but since military apologists like Farrukh Saleem and etc. claim that the lack of research and policy dialogue from parties make them inferior to the military (even though the military does whatever little “research” and “publication” on state expense), it is time that the PPP at least create a young public policy wing and let it even be a volunteer effort. I’m sure if given party support and commendation, such a policy wing will publish monthly papers. It can be overseen by a bright big-wig and the lack of implementation shouldn’t be a problem since the urban upper middle class yammering can be handled in this way.

  2. Farukh Sarwar

    The youth parliament is one of the very useful platforms that can actually help in the upbringing of new leaders for this country. However, the loss of 6 important members of this parliament is quite unfortunate.

  3. ‘Beggary would be eliminated by converting the beggars into good and responsible citizens’


    Is this an Indian party? The use of Panchayat instead of local government and the importance of the hand loom seems to suggest so. Plus, the Indian constitution has a policy directive stating that cottage industries will be encouraged by the state.

  4. Rabia

    it’s the ahrar in the 30s (which explains similarities with INC). I thought it was interesting that they sounded like a pretty normal party half the time with some nice ideas for social uplift when they weren’t being demagogic assholes. (I wonder how much of resorting to demagogic assholery had to do with their chronic lack of funds)

  5. Haha of course, the Ahrar and it’s now-forgotten socialist past. I think the demagogic turn had everything to do with the post-independence space on offer. And their failure to jump on the partition bandwagon unlike the Unionists. I really do wonder why people think Islam is the cheapest form of political credit. History has shown it to be an abject failure in the post-partition political scene.

  6. Shahid

    “I really do wonder why people think Islam is the cheapest form of political credit”

    Because in times of despair, gloomy national environment and a crippled socio-economic outlook, religion provides all the answers, hopes and dreams if not of this, then of the other world.

    Floods this week have allowed the usual “God’s wrath because of our crimes (and Zardari’s)” speeches to emanate from every quarter.

    Cashing in on floods, and since our 63 years have generally been a natural disaster, has of course allowed the religio-political parties to gather ideological and social support if not political success.

    I have not seen any study but would like to read something on what was the general religious outlook during the optimism of the ’60s (regardless of the real economic outlook and its social implications).

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