Bush believes history will say he contributed to peace, democracy

Popular Egyptian television presenter Mona El-Shazli was granted special permission to interview President Bush at the White House. The interview resulted in some members of the Egyptian state press calling El-Shazli an “American agent” with many suggesting that the US government paid for her and her crew to fly to Washington in order to conduct the interview. President Bush’s popularity in the Arab world — never very high at the best of times — has been further harmed by his visit to Israel on its 60th anniversary. Responding to El-Shazli’s question about whether history will be on George Bush’s side, he said “Yeah, I think people will say, he had a difficult set of circumstances to deal with, and he dealt with them, with a sense of idealism,”

Article: Bush believes history will say he contributed to peace, democracy
Author: Abdel-Rahman Hussein
Publication: Daily News Egypt