Questions we should be asking about the Swat Operation

  1. read this column by Talat Hussain (via Let Us Build Pakistan)
  2. Read this thread on Khyberwatch which has a letter from a Swat resident (it’s a few months old):

    Please ask this Question anyone concerns, That Swat valley has only three access
    2. Mansera,
    3. Sky

    All of these access are fully controlled by our brave Army of Pakistan. with 100’s of check post for the last one year with hard curfew.

    But still in Swat Valley, Taliban are increasing & also gets latest arms, acids, bomb making powder, heavy mesaile, millions of bullets, walkie talkies and what not which can not be grove in the local cultivation field or we do not have any factory or also can not in rain. Which is also impossible to brings this much heavy war equipments & so much large quantity by human head & shoulder on long long mountain area in spite in presence of frequently fly Helicopters.

    The question is who is facilitating them & practically suppling them in this hard curfew?. Media can go & see practically in every village Army check & Taliban’s so called Judgments offices are just side by side where they punish the local people with lashes in presence of army. Resent example are (Matta & Ningolai).On a very bright day time. But this poor local hostage people has no one to save them except just pray & Cry to ALLAH.

    There 100,s examples if you call the help line # s only Talibans comes & just cut caller’s head & move the head in hands in whole village if you call Army/police this will be the result. But still the world is asking us to trust Pak. Army???.Whole night they fight & fire each others BUT in the morning only you will find the funeral’s of women & children of local poor villagers non from army & non from Taliban. This is very much practically happening any one can go & verify. We request the world media to come & open this secrete to the world & rescue this poor living creature of GOD Swat people.

    Now another dangerous & shameless things these supper human (Taliban) has started. That is kidnapping young women by these bloodies which is going to be disaster & shameful death of a PUKHTOON Nation. The people are hiding their shame but how long?. And also if some one leave they go loot their house & DIVIDE his property among themselves on a very brought day under the Umbrella of Army. Taliban (Supper human which can’t be seen to army only) other wise Fazlulah & Muslim khan are seen everyday in the area even media can meet them. But only the swat hostage people can’t open their mouth.

    So please …………& ……… Other wise bring atomic bomb & kill us at once.




2 responses to “Questions we should be asking about the Swat Operation

  1. AKS

    Its mind boggling and rather scary how easily we’ve just given up on an integral part of our country. And Swat isn’t like some BLA controlled village in rural Baluchistan that most Pakistanis have never heard of, it is a place very familiar to Pakistanis, especially to Pakistanis from the middle and upper classes, and yet we’ve all collectively shown it a middle finger. And we aren’t even ready to acknowledge this fact and are conveniently diverting all the blame to the Swatis ‘who allowed the Islamists in their midst in the first place.’

    The Swatis have lost everything and not a word is being said, while, as you pointed out earlier, we’ve dedicated so much of their time denouncing Israel’s actions. Even my father forwarded me a text about the evils of buying product XYZ as the company gave its profits to the Israeli army! Where are the texts about Swat?

  2. gtr

    “and are conveniently diverting all the blame to the Swatis ‘who allowed the Islamists in their midst in the first place.’”
    Yeah, isn’t it shocking how so many people are doing this?

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