Major Adnan sent home to his family

So in this news report we are told two things:

1. That ISPR spokesman Maj. Gen. Athar Abbas confirmed on Saturday that Major Adnan was dismissed from the military because he had ties to banned organizations and 2

2. Major Adnan was released from detention on orders from “high up”

I have to say that I’m really grateful to the anonymous intelligence source who keeps leaking the stories about Major Adnan to the media. Ever since the LA Times first broke the story there’s been denial by the army at every stage. First that Major Adnan was actually dismissed (despite an earlier report in The Nation to the contrary – oops!) then that he was dismissed due to connections with banned organizations and finally that the connections with banned organizations were the same organizations that were involved with the Times Square plot. Call it a wild hunch but incidents like this and the Ramzi Yousuf extradition saga probably contribute to Rehman Malik’s unpopularity with the powers that be. I’m not saying he’s responsible for leaking the information, but clearly there are “law enforcement sources” who are leaking selectively to the press and preventing the army from brushing everything under the carpet.

Actually I have a feeling the US is just going to ignore this whole Major Adnan angle anyway. But somehow it makes me feel better that there is someone out there who the military is probably just waiting to wring the neck of if they can figure out who it is.


2 responses to “Major Adnan sent home to his family

  1. sparklingway

    Oh, I was never expecting this.
    Have you read about the guy involved with David Coleman Headley? Maj Abdur Rehman Hashim Syed?

    The others directly named by Headley are Maj Samir Ali and Maj Iqbal (he is mentioned as an ISI officer and his cell no is given in his initial deposition).

    These news reports were of course given little mention in our news outlets for how can our guardian saviors, the bastions of integrity and honesty possibly have some terrorist apologist, planners or even worse terrorists in its own ranks.

    The military’s pristine image (which any sane person knows is fabricated) holds only when it protects each and everyone of its ranks, even after leaving active service. The recent case of a Capt sb found guilty in a case of forceful occupation of property was sent on a “foreign mission” and given a promotion after arrest warrants were issued (ISPR said no comments on the whole issue and does not state the mission abroad he is attached to).

    Journalists themselves will downplay such news for they rely on ISPR money to send their kids to Beaconhouses.

  2. Zulfiqar Haider

    This is an encouraging move and will allow the army to extradite those who have links with banned organizations.

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